A good T-Rescue means that you can get back to playing Polo quickly if you topple over, with the help of another player.    Use the hips to ‘snap’ the boat over, instead of doing a big ‘lean’ on the boat rescuing you.  Also, keep your head low down and rolling it across the back of the boat as it rolls over.  Don’t pull your head up in the air until the boat is completely rolled over.  

We will learn the T-Rescue in progressive steps, each time adding a little extra to the challenge. as shown in the video below.

1. Start with head and hands already on top of boat – practicing the hip snap

2. Start with Head under water (hands still on boat)

3. Now start fully capsized, wait for rescue boat and then get hands and head in place, snap the hip to turn the boat over

4. Same as 3, but but wait a little longer and get used to the idea of being under for a little while.  

Hand Roll

Once you have a confident T-Rescue its time to try the hand-roll.  The basics are the same, use your hips to snap the boat, and keep the head back, rolling it across the back of the boat as it turns over.  Watch the video for what to do with your hands – they are just support to get you started.

We will start by using the pool edge, to practice the hip snap, hand position and keeping the head back.  We will build from there.  Some people get the hand roll quickly, for some it takes a lot longer.  Don’t worry about it…. you will get there.

Ball Roll

Once you have the hand roll, you are ready to try the ball roll.  This is handy if you get pushed over the game, because you can keep the ball in your possession.  There are two methods.  

The Paddle Roll

Finally the paddle roll, which is not used as much as the hand-roll but a handy skill to have.

Hand of God

The ‘hand of god’ rescue is useful to rescue someone who has lost consciousness, is panicing, or stuck in their boat.